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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

We get it. Moving can be a headache. Especially after the years and even decades you may have lived in your home. But we promise, it will be worth it in the long run saving you money, time & stress. Here’s why:

1. Construction costs are going up.

Unfortunately, we all know how this works. Inflation, cost of materials and real estate prices all fluctuate from year to year. In 2019, residential construction costs increased by nearly 4%. With trillions spent in the recent stimulus package, experts project that a significant increase will continue for 2020. For every year you wait to downsize, you’ll end up paying the difference.

2. Interest Rates are the Lowest in History.

It’s all over the news, interest rates are at a historical low. As a homeowner, you know this means HUGE savings over the life of your loan and could even mean you can get into a house not previously in your budget or you can afford some of the upgrades you’ve always wanted.

3. Think of the Money You’ll Save.

Many of our buyers have been saddled with large homes and lots that have become a burden to maintain both in costs and upkeep. Our energy efficient building practices help minimize your utility bills giving you tons of long-term savings. In addition, your smaller lot will be much easier to maintain with minimal upkeep and our included front lawn maintenance. And did you know we have one of the lowest HOA rates that you’ll find for a new community at only $125/mo?

4. Lots are Going Fast!

We started with 112 lots and are down to the last 15%. If you’re wanting to be part of our luxury downsizing community, contact us today to reserve your lot and get started on your one of a kind design.

5. It just makes sense!

It’s time to reevaluate the bedrooms that go unused except for a few days out of the year and the swimming pools and large wooded lots that are no longer necessary for this new season of life. Our community is built for security and low maintenance freeing you up to do the things you’ve always wanted. You’ve sacrificed for your kids and/or career for years, but now the nest is empty and it’s time to live the lifestyle you’ve waited for!


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